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The Year Ahead 2023: Essential insights into the big themes fuelling the outlook

In our series of articles and podcasts, we explore the impact of energy markets across four major themes that we believe will fundamentally drive the outlook across regions, sectors, and markets.

Restarting the green energy transition in 2023: the nuclear option

Eye-watering energy prices and sweltering temperatures have led to a renewed focus on the transition to a greener energy mix. We think 2023 could see nuclear energy take greater prominence in that discussion.

Running on empty: what’s in store for energy markets in 2023

Energy prices have rocketed in 2022, mainly due to the war in Ukraine. But with the global economy slowing down, can we expect similar rises in the year ahead?

Moving beyond gas-fired inflation: prices & monetary policy in 2023

An untameable virus has given way to untameable inflation, but how will policymakers manage to balance prices and economic growth in the year ahead?

Fuelling the fire: the biggest geopolitical risks to look out for in 2023

Geopolitics looks set to be a big driver for markets and the economic outlook in the year ahead. 

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