NatWest Markets

About us

We want working with us to be easy and rewarding, so here at NatWest Markets we ensure you, our clients, are at the center of how we do business.

Our client-facing teams operate as integrated, cross-product teams, across the three pillars of rates, currencies and financing solutions to deliver the holistic risk management, trading solutions and debt financing that you need.

Focused on you

Your needs are our top priority - so we've made it easier to access the US market through our trading hub in Stamford, Connecticut.

Making things simple

By continuing to automate and simplify our business and its processes, we’re constantly improving our client experience. Taking out manual processes and improving efficiency. Equally, we’re embracing the power of new technology to deliver real-time insights and innovative solutions to help you turn challenges into opportunities.

Relationships built on color, content & ideas

We’re very proud of the strong relationships we’ve built with clients worldwide, consistently and proactively delivering relevant market color, content and ideas, backed up by seamless trade execution.