NatWest Markets

Algo Suite

Allowing you to execute large flows with minimal market impact.

Optimise your FX execution

With FX liquidity deteriorating and market dynamics changing more rapidly, our clients are increasingly turning to algorithmic strategies to optimise their FX execution. That’s why we’ve launched the NatWest Markets Algo Suite. It allows you to execute large flows while maintaining anonymity and keeping the market impact to a minimum.

Become part of the NatWest Markets price through our Client Order Matching System

At the heart of our Algo Suite is our Client Order Matching System (COMS), which offers you the unique ability to become part of the NatWest Markets price and match off against other clients’ flow while capturing spread and trading with NatWest Markets.

Apart from comprehensive pre- and post-trade analysis to optimize your execution, as an Algo Suite user you can choose between different execution strategies:

Passive strategies

(Peg clipper)

Use COMS to minimise market impact and capture spread.

Time based strategies

(Peg TWAP)

Specify the time frame for guaranteed execution with minimal market impact.

Next generation adaptive strategies

(Adaptive peg clipper)

Dynamically adjust execution to adapt to market conditions.

Aggressive algo strategies

(Limit Pro)

Seek liquidity from a multitude of external sources.

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