NatWest Markets


Easy technology integration

  • Integrate with FXmicropay using our APIs or with our e-commerce platform integrations.
  • Virtual accounts across 23 core currencies reduce the need to open physical currency accounts.
  • SAP Commerce Cloud and Magento Commerce users can download our extensions and be testing within a matter of hours.

FXmicropay developer centre

FXmicropay provides a powerful suite of APIs* that can be leveraged to suit your specific use case and to access FXmicropay’s sophisticated toolkit of foreign exchange (FX) and payment capabilities.

FXmicropay’s APIs have all been designed to suit your business processes so we can fit around your business rather than you around ours.

Take a look at our comprehensive API documentation and SDKs† to integrate with FXmicropay as quickly as possible.

Use one of our e-commerce platform integrations

For companies whose website has been developed on SAP Commerce Cloud or Magento Commerce, implementation is even easier.

Simply use the purpose-built FXmicropay integrations to quickly and easily get multi-currency pricing up and running on your website.

More integrations coming soon

Click here to be informed when the FXmicropay integration with your e-commerce platform is live.

* Application-programming interfaces

† Software development kit

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