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Delivering more efficient and effective cross-border payments for your customers

Optimise your currency management processes with our toolkit tailored to support Financial Institutions.

Drive more efficient international payments and foreign exchange (FX) for your customers.

Designed to satisfy cross-border pricing requirements and integrate with any process, FXmicropay can help to transform your business.

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Currency risk exposures

Exposure to currency risk across the settlement cycle can have a large impact on businesses – some payment method exposure is as great as 7-10 days. Exposure on chargebacks can be up to a year.

Risk mitigation

Automatically eliminate any currency risk on a transaction basis. Rates can be guaranteed for as long as you need (includes cancellations and refunds).

Capturing all potential revenue from international expansion

Allowing merchants to process multiple currencies can lead to lost revenue for the payment processor.

Revenue generation

Guaranteed FX rates enable you to capture a fixed FX revenue on every transactions. Existing clients have increased their cross-border sales revenue by over 2%.

Process complexity

Multiple complex processes to effectively manage transactions, netting, settlement and reconciliation.


Automated pricing, FX and settlement reduces operational overheads. Remove manual reconciliation processes and enhance your control framework.

Find out how FXmicropay can transform your business

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An implementation to suit every business

  • FXmicropay’s APIs have all been designed to suit your business processes so we can fit around your business
  • Our expert team will guide you through our suite of powerful APIs**
  • To make it even easier, virtual accounts across 23 core currencies reduce the need to open physical currency accounts

** Application-programming interfaces

† The cost of the guarantee will vary depending on your requirements such as the tenor of the guarantee you need